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  • Being a robot with good “intentions”

    By Massimiliano Versace | March 23, 2009

    Do all robots have good intentions? http://neurdon.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/image1.jpg 247 278

    Do all robots have good intentions?

    Is a robot that is able to learn and take decisions "responsible“ for its own actions? Or is the company that manufactured the robot liable for the damage that the robot may cause, regardless of whether or not the machine was programmed to hurt anybody? Or is the owner of the robot responsible for its "bad habits“? When a pet robotic dog will accidentally hurt a toddler, who will be responsible? The robot itself, the owner of the robot, or the manufacturer? Moreover, if a corporation is found guilty of fabricating robots that "learn" to harm people, who will go to jail, since corporations are non-human legal entities with “No Soul to Damn, No Body to Kick”? Read the rest of this entry »