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  • The future of brain-computer interface: A glimpse into the nanomembrane-filled crystal ball

    By gracewlindsay | November 6, 2012

    Brain-computer interface is... just what it sounds like. Some device is used to transfer information about the brain's activity to a computer, or vice versa. So we end up with two flavors of BCI: recording (for the brain-to-computer direction), and stimulating (for the computer-to-brain path). Utilizing the lucky fact that electrical signals are the language of the brain, we can do both of these things with tiny electrodes placed either in, on, or next to cells. And with this dual pathway we can then read off motor cortex information in order to move a prosthetic limb, or send seizure-combating signals into an epileptic brain. It seems so simple, right? Read the rest of this entry »