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The internet, in its infinite wisdom, has simply botched distilling what is interesting and useful about brain-based, i.e. neuromorphic, technology. Perhaps you have come across some tidbits about brain-based technology in your cybertravels. You may have found an article on Wired, stumbled upon something on StumbleUpon, and dugg the Digg'ed post, all the while wondering how that cool gizmo that looks like the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 works (if it works at all). In an age where Skynet looms overhead one cannot simply go about his/her day uninformed. We are here to help, we are here to explain, pontificate, muse and never abuse. We are computational neuroscientists, computer nerds with a groovy thing for neurons. We are neurdons.

-The Neurdons

All Neurdons editors are partially funded by the NSF Center CELEST.

7 Responses to About Neurdon

  1. Heather says:

    Nice blog, neurdons!

  2. Jeff M says:


  3. Dear Neurdons,
    I am not sure about this comment, since I am not a computational neuroscientist, etc etc. I do work however in neurofunctional materials (a term we coined more than a year ago), or if you wish neuromorphic molecular electronics. You might be interested to peruse the internet site of our EC project BION “Synthetic Pathways to bio-inspired information processing”. Maybe we can profit from some exchanges of opinions and/or T-shirts.
    Cheers for now

  4. Cao-chau Vu says:

    Hey, so I tried searching for a way for me to be notified when a new post comes out like an RSS feed or an email notification system but found none. I would appreciate it if you can set one up and email me back so I can keep up with this blog.

  5. Dr. Ronald Joseph Swallow says:

    my phone number is 610 751 5274. I have commented in another section of this email.

  6. Dr. Ronald Joseph Swallow says:

    I have degrees in biophysics, artificial intelligence, electrical engineering, brain modeling. My greatest interests are in neuro anatomy, my greatest experiences are in digital design with FPGAs. I have tried to get the military to attempt a robot project using my brain model, but have failed so far.

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