TEDx Fulbright: Max Versace of Neurala Talks About The Future of Robotics

By Massimiliano Versace | April 6, 2014

If an alien watched all the videos on YouTube, he would think that the world was full of robots. But, it's not. Why not? What will it take to get robots out of YouTube and into the real world?

About Massimiliano Versace

Massimiliano Versace is the director of the Boston University Neuromorphics Lab. The lab focuses on the study of biological intelligence with the goal of embedding the derived fundamental principles in bio-inspired computers and robots. His research interests are focused on neural networks – in particular applied to spiking-based neural models of learning and memory in the cerebral cortex. With a few colleagues, he founded Neurala LLC in 2006 to commercialize brain-based software. For more info, visit his website

4 Responses to TEDx Fulbright: Max Versace of Neurala Talks About The Future of Robotics

  1. Peter Newman says:

    Great talk, Max! “Special processors” are definitely the way forward provided they are really scalable. But I don’t believe the Qualcomm NPU chip or the IBM Neurosynaptic Core can scale beyond a few thousand nodes without needing off-chip interconnects that lose all the energy and mass efficiencies. At Artificial Learning, we believe we can get much closer to biological efficiency by putting up to 10,000,000 nodes in a single 7x7cm package.

  2. Ibad says:

    Great going! Leading the way to the future! :) Congrats.

  3. Pete, thanks. I would love to hear more about what you are doing at Artificial Learning!…

  4. zeev says:

    interesting article on cortical circuit oscillation.

    oscillating circuit models——seem to be a major key to mimicking neural behavior…


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