The Motley Fool on Robotics: Here Are 4 Key Things You Should Know

By Massimiliano Versace | January 17, 2014

The Motley fool weighs in on the Robotics Stocks investments for 2014, providing insights on the main things (they claim, 4!) you should keep in mind. While the scene is still dominated by industrial robots, and by iRobot in task-specific cleaning bots (vacuum robots, among other things), the recent acquisition of several robotic companies by Google (including Boston Dynamics last month, inventor of Big Dog and Atlas, animal and human-like robots that can perform some impressive tasks) has created a surge of interest in the robotic market. The Motley Fool instructs investors in essential things you should know if you're considering investing in robotics stocks. And they are four...

The four things you should know are

  • How are robots generally categorized?
  • What's the size of the robotics market?
  • What's the projected growth of the robotics market?
  • How many pure-play robotics companies trade on a major U.S. stock exchange?
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    About Massimiliano Versace

    Massimiliano Versace is the director of the Boston University Neuromorphics Lab. The lab focuses on the study of biological intelligence with the goal of embedding the derived fundamental principles in bio-inspired computers and robots. His research interests are focused on neural networks – in particular applied to spiking-based neural models of learning and memory in the cerebral cortex. With a few colleagues, he founded Neurala LLC in 2006 to commercialize brain-based software. For more info, visit his website

    2 Responses to The Motley Fool on Robotics: Here Are 4 Key Things You Should Know

    1. zeev says:

      don’t do this. hyperlinking to motley fool . this is the beginning of the end of neurdon if you go further down this path.

      google’s acquisitions are crap. they bought nest. crap.
      basically they are out of talent and vision at the managerial level. this bodes very poorly for their long term success. they will coast on inertia for decades upon what they’ve already built while they squander most of their profits on projects without return. and low capital reinvestment.

    2. Wow… you really don’t like the Motley Fool! :)

      Won’t do it again, Zeev. Though, I respectfully disagree on the fact that this is not a big deal. There is an emerging trend from high-powered companies such as Google and Facebook to invest considerable amount of “risky” money on super risky and advanced projects. Think of it as mini DARPA, except that these company have bigger budgets…

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